Apple vs PC

If you use a PC and are considering crossing over to Apple, you may have asked yourself severally whether Macs are really the better option compared to PCs.

There is a simple answer for this…yes they are. Mac computers are quicker and their graphics are better. They are also more user-friendly.

Below are five reasons why you should select a Mac rather than a PC when purchasing your next computer.

Macs have More Power

The government decides whether or not a machine is grouped as a ‘super-computer’ by its MTOPS (Millions of Theoretical Operations per Second). The high end Mac computer showed a rate of 17,917 and the low end showed 14,994.

More impressively, the more advanced Mac produced a score of 60,750 compared to just 32,000 from the top PC.

Macs are More Fashionable and Lighter

The exact components of the hardware in a Mac have more efficiency and are more compact than the ones in a PC, which makes Macs a lot lighter.

Applications in Macs are Better

The software found on a Mac is much more advanced than the one for a PC. It is so much simpler and enjoyable to arrange your photos with iPhoto.

You are able to build home videos in a few minutes using iMovie. You are even able to compose your own music utilizing GarageBand. All these apps are provided with your Mac from the beginning.

If you love taking photos or graphic design, Mac has software which is much more superior to any PC program.

The Battery Life for Macs is Longer

The latest MacBooks have an enhanced battery which can last for even 9 hours on one charge! A PC laptop lasts a maximum of 3 hours when it is not plugged. This ensures that one can work remotely without any problem.

Macs are Longer Lasting

MacBook Pros are now built from one piece of machined aluminum, rather than having a bunch of various parts linked together.

This highly decreases the chances of a section breaking or bending, which makes the laptop much stronger.

What to Consider When Buying a Computer

  • Consider what you require from the computer. These are the basic procedures which the computer is required to carry out.

Also think of any extra features you may want to have on the new computer. You can then select a computer which meets these needs and which is within the budget you have.

  • Computers have different LCD screen sizes at different price points. Normally, we would prefer a large one. However to facilitate portability especially if you buy a laptop, a small LCD size would be ideal.


Now you have this vital information and you can be able to answer whether Apple is better than PC. The above vital points will assist you in making a decision.

All in all, Macs are machines which are more powerful, compact and their applications are better. These machines can also last longer as they are highly durable.

If you are still unable to make a decision, you can browse the internet to study the different sites which offer computers for sale and study their features.